Documentation of the Independence Service Club in Warsaw

Documentation of the Independence Service Club in Warsaw, No. 83

In November, the month in which we celebrate the anniversary of Poland’s independence, we present selected scans from the collection of the Independence Service Club in Warsaw, dated 1981. The collection includes, inter alia, declarations, appeals, notifications, statements, and posters of the Independence Service Club.

The Independence Service Club was a form of civic action in favor of the freedom of the individual and for national independence. Its main goals included working on programs to guarantee the sovereign existence of the Polish Nation and to secure basic civil liberties. The Club pursued actions preparing the society for free elections. It took up and supported social initiatives aimed at economic independence, local self-government, and worker self-government. Furthermore, the Club disseminated – among the young generations of Poles in particular – unbiased historical knowledge. Its objectives included  preserving national memory, cultivating the traditions of the Independent Republic of Poland, supporting similar initiatives, and collaborating with independent trade unions, student organizations, scouts, and veterans, among others.

We would like to remind you that we have already published leaflets from the anniversary celebrations of Poland regaining its independence. They can be found here:

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